How To Keep Your Place Clean

So a place where you can leave the things you need to get rid of when you get home – keys, mail, newspapers, etc. The best thing to do is to have a trash can at hand so you can sort out everything you don’t need. You’ll be amazed at how many things can fly away right away, be it annoying advertisements, receipts or the coffee-to-go cup. And already the first swing of disorder is eliminated. Here are few tips from cheap cleaning services in Singapore for a clean and hygienic home.

Do your dishes right after dinner.

That sounds so logical, but most of the time you don’t feel like it and the dishes stop. Especially if you have taken the plate with you into the living room. To put the things away and wash them off right away seems annoying at first, but in the end it only takes 3 minutes. And the good feeling of order and calm afterwards is priceless.

Divide the laundry.

Try to wash each or every other day and don’t wait for towels and co. to stack up. If you always wash a drum and dry it immediately, it will never get too much. And you always have enough choice in the cupboard.

Imagine a timer.

Most things of the following list should not last longer than 20 minutes in total. Of course it can always happen that the phone rings, the children want something or the neighbour calls. Or you only have 10 minutes at a time. Anyway – if you have a timer running, you always know how much time is still missing. Or you make a reminder every 5 minutes so that you know how long you’ve been there. You will be amazed how fast time flies.

Sing at the housework.

Few people really enjoy the housework. Singing, humming, whistling or listening to music can definitely bring the fun factor up. And if you swing the broom to the rhythm, you might not want to stop.

It is so simple and therefore ingenious. If you just pull yourself together once a day, you’ve won an incredible amount on the weekend. And the feeling of sitting in a tidy apartment without the pressure of the unfinished is absolutely worth its weight in gold. Share this budget with everyone who, like me, lacks the plaster gene.

I am certainly not the best housewife and cleaning is one of the tasks I do not like very much. I see my focus more on optimizing systems. But the kitchen is a very special place, the secret star of the apartment, because there is something going on all day long. We cook all our meals fresh, and we often have to put the chaos in the kitchen back in order. So that the kitchen plaster doesn’t become a time waster, I follow a few tips and tricks to get through the week tidy, clean and hygienic. The formula is simple: if I invest a little time every day, I save myself hours of cleaning.

Here are my 12 golden kitchen rules:


The first tip is actually self-explanatory, but I’ve often seen it done wrong: Always plaster from top to bottom, first the surfaces and then the floor. So falling crumbs and dust are not distributed in the apartment and you save unnecessary work. I have another tip for the surfaces on your wall units. If you don’t feel like dusting the cupboards constantly, cover the wall units with kitchen paper, which you regularly replace with new ones. So the surfaces are largely spared from grease and dirt deposits and you don’t have to clean them as often.


Things that don’t belong there like to accumulate on work surfaces. It is best to clear all objects such as crockery, open food packages, keys or mail to their destination. Then introduce new rules into the kitchen to avoid chaos on the worktops:

Crockery is always immediately cleared away: either in the sink or in the machine.

Anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen stays outside.

Items that are rarely used get a place in the kitchen cupboard.

This should limit disorder on the work surfaces.


When I was in my mid-20s, my mother gave me a dishwasher as a present for my then single apartment. At first I was a bit irritated, but I quickly realized the advantages of this helpful appliance. With the dishwasher you get not only dishes but also unusual things clean: plastic toys, toothbrush holders, cutlery boxes and much more. I choose a low level, skip the drying process and et voilá: All kinds of objects are clean again.

Author: John Wright

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