Prepaid Legal Services

PrePaid legal services los angeles is a network marketing company that offers certain legal services for a fixed monthly fee to its subscribers. In this article, let’s look at the business side of this MLM company and see the potential to earn as a prepaid legal associate.

The Service

Why does anyone need legal insurance? The same reason you would need health or life insurance! We are all accountable to the law and can never predict when we will need the services of an attorney. Legal insurance is a way to minimize your legal expenses. Membership in this service entitles you to the services of an attorney for matters such as wills and other legal documentation, resolution of legal issues and work on small claims. Issues such as divorce, drug-related cases and major criminal problems are not covered, but members may use the services of an attorney for such matters at a discounted rate.

A Look at Prepaid Legal Services

The idea for this company was born in 1972 when its owner, Harland C Stonecipher, got into a legal fight and had to pay large sums of money. He felt the need for insurance to mitigate unexpected legal expenses and keep them in contact with legal experts to get answers to his questions. The business was started as a network marketing company to spread the word through independent associates who could explain the details to clients in person. Now, legal prepaid service is established in 50 states and Canada. In addition to legal insurance, the company also offers a monitoring system to prevent identity theft.

Are prepaid legal services a scam?

After a series of lawsuits against the company, many people began to claim that this business was a scam. Is PrePaid Legal a scam? My answer is NO. This company has existed for over thirty years and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. This firm is definitely legitimate. It is easy for MLM companies to gain a bad reputation because there are many fake companies that take advantage of network marketing techniques.

Complaints against PrePaid Legal Services come mostly from former distributors who joined together in the hope of earning six-figure revenues by magic. For them, the grapes were bitter; they could not generate income beyond one level and blamed the pyramid structure.

Why should you enroll in PrePaid Legal?

  • Legal insurance is relatively new compared to other types of insurance. This should make it easier for you to sell the product. – The compensation structure and bonus plans are attractive. There are good growth prospects in this business. Commissions are paid at the time of order delivery. – This is a service that will be useful for everyone. There must be many users for this service if it is marketed the right way.

Distributor Problems

This is not the type of business that could be sold to customers strictly following the procedures of a typical MLM firm. In fact, using techniques such as inviting people to demonstration parties, tempting them with gifts and offers, and persuading them to buy your service would make your business look more like a scam because most fraudulent merchants use the same modus operandi. Distributors are unlikely to generate a lot of revenue just by following MLM procedures, such as cold calling or prospecting, they no longer work.

Selling Techniques

This is a business that could generate really good income levels if it is marketed correctly. Instead of focusing on the people you know, reach out to the outside world by communicating with them about your product. Online marketing would be the best way to do that. With innovative tools like Facebook and article marketing, you’re sure to divert a lot of attention away from your business.

Author: John Wright