Elegant Fire Table in Garden

You have no room for a fireplace in your garden or no desire for flying embers and ashes? No problem, because with a modern fire table you can conjure up a clean and atmospheric fire without any wood. Here, our range also includes fire tables for outdoor use. So it’s time to take a closer look at these very special mood makers.

In order to provide outside quite uncomplicatedly for warmth, heating mushrooms are often used. Whether you would like to place such a monster on the terrace is of course up to you. But if you think about it once more, it would be nice if a heat source not only raises the temperature a little in direct surroundings, but also makes something optically. An open fire as a heat source on the terrace is of course something very special.

Fascinating play of the flames

The crackling, the smell and of course first and foremost the fascinating play of the flames. An unbroken fascination – since time immemorial. But open fire outdoors also has disadvantages. The flying sparks can be painful or damage surrounding materials. They need therefore not only a suitable fire bowl, but possibly also still another suitable underlay, so that the soil does not carry damage of it. And even in case of a campfire, you have to prepare and limit the ground accordingly. If you live for rent, please ask the owner for permission.

A fire table provides the romance of a campfire, with significantly less effort

With the fire tables from Happy Cocooning you save a lot of effort. The fire burns safely within the designated area and is switched on or off with only one handle at a time. The crackling of the burning pieces of wood is eliminated, but also the annoying flying sparks. The beautiful fire tables from Happy Cocooning are supplied with ceramic logs and lava stones. They don’t crackle, but they look deceptively real.

Also included is a gas line with a length of 2.5 meters and the corresponding pressure regulator (30 mbar). A cover for the fire table is also included. And an attachment made of heat-resistant glass that fits the size is also included. We offer the fire table in two different versions. The larger version is black and 42 cm high, 76 cm wide and 76 cm high. The glass top is 26 cm high, 56 cm wide and 56 cm long. The smaller model is grey and 44 cm high, 60 cm wide and 60 cm deep and has a glass top with 21 cm height, 49 cm width and 49 cm length.

The beautiful fire tables are made of polyester concrete and are both frost-proof and waterproof. To protect the material, you should still cover the fire tables with the appropriate cover when not in use.

With gas, the fire tables conjure up beautiful flames – pure atmosphere

The fire tables are operated with standard propane gas. You ignite the fire with a simple push of a button via the laterally recessed control unit. By means of a rotary knob you decide on the height of the flames. Since everything you need for use is included in the delivery – except for the propane gas bottle – you can start right after unpacking and setting up and from now on you can cause envious glances of the neighbours with this beautiful fire table.

Who would like can order also a protective cover for the necessary gas bottle with us

That is optically of course quite pretty and prevents unauthorized “fiddling around” with it. The protective covers are made of PVC. They are 58 cm high, have a diameter of 31 cm and fit best to propane gas bottles with 5 kg content. At the upper edge, the protective covers have an almost completely circumferential zipper. At the bottom there is a drawstring with a band to adjust the width. Just like the fire table itself, the protective covers for the gas false ones are available in black or grey.

By the way, the fire tables are not fly weights. The smaller version weighs approx. 34.5 kg, the larger one 49.5 kg. So it is best to choose an installation location where you want to keep it. With strong helpers you can also move the heavy and unwieldy fire table.

And last but not least: the fire tables can only be used outdoors! The beautiful fire tables from Happy Cocooning, the matching protective covers for the gas bottle and also the garden furniture shown in the pictures and many more can be found anywhere online.

Author: John Wright

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